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Interview - CS09

sex stop If they're not start talking to what's going to be here forever. So what was it? Are you interested? I call it the census one familiar to deploy systems was yeah, thanks. What was that? Like plus the like kind of image recognition. So I like feedback. It's just like information on an app, but then I was at teaching one. Not sure if you see what was it like as like basically Yonkers. Yeah, that's it. If it's here. and the comp a moans also just information on the app and then a pain diary that's sounds like sounds like doesn't make that was a medicine kind of like an S and seeing like what have allergies to or ya know what he's talking about chronic pain management would like put in What page fiery in the lessons you could click on things that I feel like I was just like that though. I know I read it but is my first surgery needs to be? Okay, so what you're yeah. And you know that working one sound like fun. It's a vicious than those in sure how much like I told works out was because it seemed like they already have the two games that they wanted us to just blink so such as copy and paste copy paste fix what was wrong thing? simple this is just telling people like whatever chronic pain and then giving them help on napping. Yeah, I think it's like they've been diagnosed by. Yeah the doctor. Yeah, so there's the which ones have you said will be the easiest suicide yappers kind of coffee one. Yeah, and then there's the tricolor for someone so you can write all those this one what you see click events and give feedback. This is the one that was saying that she just for monitoring. He is there and he is not the purpose of having our files stuff. I was thinking about what was it more like the older they could get access to after scanning a paper that they have to excite them. So which one's interested in University the ones are like that were built in water. It was there's a smaller one. I look just like that without the spacing. It was horrible. Like rats other this one as well. Actually, I just made me miss my I was interesting. Oh, yeah, this is a young person will put on your technology easy pal. I don't know about I think the actors can almost kind of interesting to me, but it's end of the pz pose. I'm not sure this one is prescribing medicines I don't have too much detail. They wanted Wilson. All right. All right. The terms of how they laid out what they wanted Yes. Actually I just want to yeah, so like these kind of maybe easy film and then that's like the interesting film. Rebound tight sport surface. Oh, yeah. Well, actually that's quite interesting, but I don't know how exactly this will take a look at the taking the e. This audience is being hang the ball down and just waiting for it to come back down without me sound. Yeah. Yeah that's relatively easy looking at. Yeah. I know we have to actually do is match the sound and I'm just Yak The Times between there was the end of the sentence like that's kind of interesting although but it wouldn't be that easy step by is it's not going to be that easy. Also, it wouldn't fit on this year. So already at the Wilson went basically just an app on what they're doing and why they're doing it and stuff like that Wonder though sometimes so yeah. There's things we can just not try to do it as well when I first got interested. Yeah, so basically those are looking at once we can of make one to be interesting Set the alarm. Pick a couple of questions. So answer questions on the effective. So the deck of a little someone with the fin app basically visitor up for so let's try Yeah, it's big. It's basically a social network to tell him what time in America is something attractive. How do you define success for the Wilson? How did how would you define success with this kind of them if you read lots of all someone? Yeah, right. You mean to find success? Yeah, so like object is right there. Yeah, they got the objectives there. So it's just fulfilling. Yeah successful. I yeah, it was the clients happy. That's success. What implications of the project doesn't succeed? Yeah, like three main requirements things. Okay, so I don't know what sir. It doesn't succeed faces as people will know exactly what's happening or be able to socialize whether the Wilson Center. That's what I feel like this happens in a pain diary. most projects important the Project's this one's not like yeah, this is just a scripted event is to encourage useful like people young people to like go to these centers and also to do a new expansion there sa the like change in the way they work over a nice dinner and let's go. Yes going to see what she's like that like everyone else. Yeah convenience. Yeah. He ministers important dates for all of them are just going to be the day that we have to Showcase that for half. So like I forgot the dates but so does will be important dates key Milestones or just whenever like I for me in the client every week. Then I said that's a milestone just to see like oh, we have to improve by next week driven s-sorry have to like fix us up. So I emailed the time. Yeah, that's nice or like even further than that. We hopefully but yeah, so those like so for number four is just going to be the same for all of them important decisions that need to be my usual fans from making those decisions for decisions to be made. We just need to me up as one sign or talk online like FS into the skirt, like which I keep forgettin today represent. This kind of brings out. It has a voice chance of like that certainly is that before we make any decisions or like Do Anything by ourselves and I since the world like so that's a way to just tell everyone what's happening or it's such a texture and courage question sit there and other times other things that make Vanessa just not being able to contact the client but prevent us from like Terror be terrible Thunder. Yeah everyone we should be terrified of that's the worst-case scenario. One of the most important decisions that we need to be me. It just seemed rules based on certain items and different doing rules. Like wasn't that person digital laser sphere in the way of what you just like everyone does whatever kind of like we kind of discussed that like, we're still going to discuss it. But this is able to say whatever they want, but I'm not sure if that's the most organized way to I can make some harder to research what needs to be done. Well, I would reasons probably pretty important languages or using is probably very important. Yeah, that's actually form of them. Yeah, depending on the project. So there's some is some have like specific specific things for like this for like apps we should just look at your app. I want microspace for that or like so maybe that's where may be restricted in that they placed in my novel work. Well with apps see when you are fair or something like that don't like she's back. I'm just going to usually Java. Yeah, Janice prepare iOS is now Swift used to be something else. Yeah, so we have to convert or you can use web Technologies and they work on all of them, which is my favorite way to slightly slow. So first of all, so those are important for app development wants so that be like for the clicker one of them lately and teaching clicking visit me after system. Who are the key stakeholders? Sponsor it I can order the multiple stakeholders. Just the people who oppose them. Yeah, the people that either they work for some people. Yeah, the clients and colonialism. Yeah projects of greatest assets. What does that mean? Best things about the project? It's relatively like the project plans look at the project plan for this Wilson one is quite detailed and so so it's like he's also worked with a team last year and I said it didn't go like properly success because I crashed the a certain persona, but if he has experience with that we can say like Kimmy actually good person to work was also on knows what he wants. Yeah, it's cool proposals. You can tell who cares and who is just sort of doing it. Yeah, like this would be people that was a notepad. Yeah. This thing is this one snow pad and he's not space to it. Yes words, how can we best leverage those nonsense? Just discussed. I haven't really on some proposed by life development teams as well. So they go like some expertise. I think some of them have existing systems. You can like work with yeah comic book which also which Listen for an 80s. We should always spoke so and for an idiot, there's communication and evidently that's key to the project and import - the project the father has already funny. I mostly communication centers like learning and knowing exactly what you're doing. So like that would like considers that comes into communication as well own thing. But yeah just researching and the fans and that's important. You do see more probably pretty important as well. Yeah kind of like communicate with them in the spaceship. That's teamwork. And that's basically all I can think of right now. I'm terms of important Indians for the important areas of like some of the projects illness like exactly this pair up until again was needed for that poor whatever and then was kind of like our focus is possible then to that's so so like maybe we should focus on like the it is that we need to get done and then books and levels. to see if the loans were even possible so How much are you how much risk are you willing to take to accomplish this not? Sounds like but I guess there was just named being able to prioritize them say like when I need to get done and stuff like that like old another cabin socialist Frighteners on the triple the bit of work done that you think you need to get done. So taking rest was just seeing all of us all to go. That's what I like like to sleep brought the court cited or wherever I went. Like everyone's posting like the music you like, you know, you don't have like one of the options sleep is good studying or like a good education or Have a social life cycle the picture of the making of thing. I guess I would have money so I can meet basic trick. You're risking socialized. Yeah, socially for sleep for so I guess it was of the risks. And having to take time out to just make sure this gets done. Maybe I don't think there's many other risks that we would take Living Sacrifice like other subjects for it because that's basically like tiltable to the subjects and get those credits from suffering or great as a regular basis. Sometimes maybe my selector first recorded me. Like a algorithms today call it physical record is also. Interactive systems, I don't think will be I haven't had a really I don't know. I haven't talked to anyone who really is. Yeah, but then there's like the other one that's good Consciousness. So yeah, so in terms of missing like terms we can do that sometimes if it's necessary, but not enough to make sure we have time to catch up but until well browned years have you encountered in the past about this issue body or soul in terms of teamwork and stuff like that? I'll be like last year's Way project really what happened them and invites them want to interrupt. Yeah, my teammates just didn't do work until my guy whom I want. My team is a birthday before his death and you don't think that was like the user tests and they did a wrong and also because like a bee he was pushing old codes some how long your mother it's like I'm doing everything I did and he never actually finished it but I wanted that say so I guess we have to make sure everyone gets their bed done. And I said, yeah that's not like most that may be identical easy fear kind of the first kind of seemed like everyone doing whatever they wanted. You can somehow of like seem like I'm a clash with levers one is still have someone making sure was doing stuff. Yeah. It's have someone like this is all of us could keep an eye on each other. That's about it. I think you can see who's like yeah falling behind. Yeah, he's not commenting so we should discuss the team thing. So maybe we could go out next Wednesday discuss what kind of team kind of management we want to do. So, I guess everyone has to be realistic about what they can actually do take on. I need to interrupt for five minutes. I need to take this thing. So you do I had no internet. Thank you. What keeps you up at night? Let's cover the details of her look like people like breaking death because of the projects and there were giving me guys. I'm already here. So that's my worry. Well skipped you're coming for a witness. What makes you worry about the project and for the most part late I used to work in software development for a few years and whenever we go close to a deadline, you know, everyone would just run with it. I've enough faith in you guys that will get this done. So and we'll be fine. Yeah that client who will not be helpful. That's good just racism publisher of but finally, I'm not to stress. We got a good team. That's good for State occasions velocity project was fine. It wasn't there when I was really nice. Yeah, that's good. The topics haven't discussed. What would you rather not discuss and well do mention the topics would rather not discuss it still we discussed exactly like I guess they haven't really decided what kind of project want to Home is this going to be about it? So it's a good chance of not getting what we want awesome. It was there's no point in the seeing them for him to be able to like request which one we want. Yeah people go for the same one that just randomly generated from them. Yeah. I think that's why personal passion of IT project. Dana Dunn That's my passion passion is just depends on the project we're going to do so for instance. If you have the Diary of one or like the feel - like slightly more important so that you know people might be waiting for that and relying on its end. So I guess that's a certain passion someone not just sort of be free labor for ya. So that kind of went good. I think so personal passion will depend on the projects and we spent some suggested the heart and soul of the team if we do a good job. Oh, yeah. The crazy I think this is a couple interesting. I think any that been specifically the month VIP. They probably be looking for helping managing it anyway, so there's always that potential there for my own question. What project don't even work? So it really dry medical and see my very medical ones. We had as I don't even I like Emily spier. Yeah, Shakespeare levels would say I feel that one so much. I don't feel we understand that you like. Yeah, so don't want that one. I guess I was that one or you don't yeah, and let's have a look at strong interest in literature. But yeah, I think that's mostly everything discussed. Anything else at home? This is a brand new project. the last episode

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