Guilty Feminist | Episode 145

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DEBORAH: I'm a Feminist, but: when I watched The Crown, the TV drama about the royal family, I always think if I had to choose between being the Queen or Princess Margaret, I’d choose Princess Margaret; because although the Queen has the big job, Princess Margaret is so hot and her clothes are magnificent, and she's always getting her portrait taken by some incredibly handsome man. And I think this even though no one is pushing me to choose. No-one’s ever said ‘Come on now, you've got to choose or you'll never get off this magical island‘. I choose myself, I make that decision; she is so pretty, though.

FELICITY: I'm a feminist, but: I've lost three kilos/eight pounds for our UK listeners in the past few months because of stress, and the feminist in me was sad that I didn't feel as strong or as heavy as I did at the end of last year. The 'feminist, but' in me was even sadder that my big tits weren't as big; I love my tits.

DEBORAH: I love them too, Felicity. 

FELICITY: Thank you, mate. 

DEBORAH: I'm a feminist, but: I'm sitting here thinking 'How do I catch that stress?' Terrible; that will not be going in, that won't be going in. 

FELICITY: That's always a thing when people go, 'Oh my god, you're so skinny'. I'm like 'Yeah, I have an anxiety disorder', they're like, 'Maybe I should get one.' I'm like yeah, I'm about to give you one in a second. 'That sounds so much fun; just like, constant adrenaline in your body, and so tired you can't sleep; but also like, exhausted from being awake for days. Oh my God, look at my waist.' 

DEBORAH: I'm a feminist, but: I've been wearing feminist t-shirts all week; not because I have been championing the cause, but because I left most of my clothes in New Zealand where I was staying. And so now I'm relying on Australian Guilty Feminist listeners to come to the show and give me presents afterwards, so I have something to wear. All day today I wore a t-shirt that said 'I'm a Diva With The Fever...Of Change', which is absolutely lovely and great, and the only thing I had clean; someone gave it to me last night. So if anyone has brought me a t-shirt tonight, that would be very handy for tomorrow morning. 

FELICITY: Could we do it like we're at the Super Bowl, and they like, throw t-shirts-

DEBORAH: Out of a cannon? 

FELICITY: Does anyone have a cannon? 

DEBORAH: Did anyone bring a t-shirt cannon? Did bring me a t-shirt tonight, or would take theirs off so I can have it? So I might get about to get the environment- I've also been offered the Feminist As Fuck t-shirt that's been worn here three nights in a row, so I'm not sure.

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