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Who are Scriptate? 

Scriptate are a transcription & subtitling company which optimises the process for organisations who want to make their audiovisual content accessible.
Our service combines automation such as speech recognition with personalised human curators, providing a faster and cheaper alternative than secretary or stenography-based traditional methods.

What do Scriptate’s transcribers (Scribes) do?

Compared with traditional transcribers, Scriptate’s team starts with a machine-generated text file of a recording and edit this text as we listen, rather than typing out the entire conversation from scratch. This corrective procedure prioritises concentration and good English skills over typing speed, allowing many more people to do transcription work with just laptops. Tasks include:

  • Adding punctuation to the text (commas, full stops etc) and marking what naturally feels like the end of a sentence/paragraph.

  • Using search engines like Google to research and add the correct name for terms that have been mentioned in a conversation, such as places or companies.

  • Adding names to represent a new speaker (often I: for Interviewer and R: for Respondent).

Scriptate currently provides work for broadcasters who do weekly or monthly episodes; the work can therefore be either part-time or full-time depending on your commitment and other sources of employment/income. Scribes doing work for a certain number of clients are guaranteed a steady amount of regular income from these episodes; this number typically increases over time as they get faster.
We are a remote company; Scriptate does not have a formal office and Scribes can work on assignments from the comfort of their own home and choose their working hours.

What equipment, technical skills, experience, or qualifications, do Scribes need to work for Scriptate?

-Laptop/Home computer.

-Good command of the English language: 

  • Sentence structure

  • Correct use of punctuation in sentence

  • Attention to detail; willingness to double-check work is accurate and reads well as a whole before submitting transcripts

-Familiarity with video streaming, text documents and email.

What age do I need to be to work as a Scribe?

Any age.

Can I try a couple of assignments before committing myself to working for Scriptate?

Yes; example broadcasts can be assigned to Scribes based on their preferences. These will be around an hour in length and will be compared against our own transcription of the broadcast, to calculate where the Scribe’s strengths/weaknesses are and how to improve their skills.

How much will I be paid and how?

Scribes are initially paid 70p per minute of audio transcribed by bank transfer (with an invoice for all work done across a week/month); these beginning jobs are usually with well-recorded audio and 1 or 2 speakers, before growing to more complicated work which pays up to £1 a minute. Scribes can also make more on each job by helping the Scriptate team reach out to broadcasters whose output interests the Scribe and encouraging them to use the service, growing the company as well as the Scribe’s direct base of regular clients. 

How long can I take to complete an assignment?

Initial assignments do not have a deadline; instead, we encourage potential Scribes to time how long it takes to transcribe an hour-long broadcast and gauge their improvement over the course of initial assignments. Once these times start to be completed within 4x the length of the recording (4 hours to transcribe 1 hour), work with a concrete deadline and increased rate of payment can be assigned.