I:  Some of you know what you’re getting into; the rest of you are thinking, “This sounds all very odd.” I’ll just take you through what we’ll roughly be doing and then and then we'll get cracking. My name is Sue. I work for a company called Fusion Learning. We're an independent marketing and market research company. We work for whole range of different clients. In this case we’re actually working for a financial client, who most of you will be familiar with. And we just ask a load of questions, we're trying to find out your opinions, there is no right or wrong answer. We’re also asking you to help us develop some new ideas, some new ways of thinking about the bank and about business banking specifically. Some of the things we’ll do you might think, “This is very, very strange.” But for those of you who have already been to one of these, we just do a few exercises. Few creative exercises, have a bit of fun with it. Make you think because that's why you’re here. We're going to be here for 2 and a half hours, which sounds a long time and it is quite but as we get going you'll soon be through it hopefully. And hopefully you’ll enjoy it. We'll have a quick break about mid-time but if you do want to use the washrooms just go along, you know where they are. The final thing is we are being recorded and also videoed. Now, this is for primarily my benefit, so I can actually listen to you rather than taking copious notes. I'll take some, but I actually just want to listen and talk to you. So, that's the reason for that. I look back at both the videotape of you and also listen to the audio to make sure that what I’ve remembered is actually what I’ve remembered rather making it up as I go along. We have a few of my colleagues behind the mirror so I would get this out of the way now. So, do you want to just wave to them, say hello. You will forget that's even there after a while. I forget all the time and then realize that I've done something vaguely appropriate, but I forget all the time. I do this - I go around - tell me your first name; tell me what business type you have; and tell me a little bit about your business banking, what's working great, what's not working so well, what would you like to change, just a little bit for me to get a feel for who you are and the type of business banking arrangements you have. I always start on my left, I'm not going change. Right of we go.


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