Scriptate Application
Scottish EDGE 

ANDREW: Scriptate records what you say in a searchable way. We’re a transcription & subtitling company who provide interactive webpages to our clients. We hope this is a nice change in the presentation format! 

The amount of audiovisual material online such as podcasts and streaming video is growing exponentially. Broadcasters are waking up to the fact that making their content accessible through transcripts and subtitles increases their worldwide audience through organic SEO search. If you add sectors like education, market research, legal, journalism: everyone’s on the lookout for a professional, streamlined transcription service. 

After doing part-time secretarial work in university, my co-founder Chris and I identified a key innovation in this market; the rise of speech recognition software. This emerging technology is behind voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, dictation apps, and these captions underneath me right now. 

Compared with traditional providers, the Scriptate team start with a machine-generated transcript of a recording and correct this text as we listen, rather than typing out the entire conversation from scratch. Clients automatically receive completed work through the Scroll, our interactive interface which you’re hopefully watching this on right now. Just click any part of the transcript to be directly to that point in the video; or edit the text; or copy the whole thing out. 

Go on, try!

This software-led approach gives us certain distinct advantages in the field: -

  1. We’re just as accurate and twice as fast as a professional typist, passing the savings on to our customers.
  2. We don’t need expensive equipment, such as foot pedals; all the work is done from our laptops.
  3. Customer prefer getting transcripts through the Scroll, rather than a text document.
  4. Our freelancers choose their hours and can work anytime, anywhere: we never let clients down.
  5. Speech recognition’s getting better all the time, so we get faster with every job. All of our work is tracked and recorded through custom software, using data to measure our overall transcription speed and identify potential breakthroughs in the process. 

Customer validation in the market research sector has been strong, with companies switching to us as their provider and incorporating the Scroll into their workflow. Now our vision is to grow Scriptate from bespoke service to a global platform, matching clients to transcribers and enabling anyone to sign up and start making money using our system. 

It’s a huge opportunity, and with backgrounds in computer science and sound engineering, our team have the skills and motivation to grasp it. When we’re not applying for funding, we’re coding. When we’re not coding, we’re transcribing. When we’re not transcribing, we’re speaking to potential clients, including some of the biggest public and entertainment broadcasters in the UK and abroad. 

We’re also exploring innovative ways to use the Scroll with partners like Glasgow University and the National Autistic Society, like a Shakespeare application which is already being used in schools, and hiring people on the spectrum who can incorporate transcription work into their overall care. 

Our funding application is to expand core Scriptate’s engineering team and implement the Scroll-as-a-Service (SaaS) into other sectors with potential revenue streams. Interactive, accessible media is showing huge growth across multiple industries, and with Scottish Edge’s help we can consolidate our early success in an emerging global market. 

Thanks for listening, and if you want to go back to anything I’ve said; just point and click!