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JACK: First thing; what are the main things that the panel looks for when assessing an application?  

STEVEN: I think when we're going through the process of looking at the applications that come in - alongside the videos that are submitted - the key thing that I always say to people is know the assessment criteria. It's crucial that the answers you put forward are detailed, and are relevant to what the assessment panel we’re assessing you on - and I know we'll cover them as we go through this session here.

So it's all about the six key things, because effectively when the panel are looking to assess and score - and we’re having the discussions with the panel at the end of reviewing each application -  we will be saying to them those six areas: “Give us a score between one and ten of how that application video has performed against that specific area. ” So it is important to stick to the key things that we're looking for; and that information in terms of the assessment criteria is all out there on our competition brochure, which you can download from the website.  

JACK: Around innovation, what would you say makes a business innovative in the panel’s eyes?  

STEVEN: Just to put it into context;  every time we’re going through the application forms and videos on the assessment day, we will look at the video and go through the application form - one of at time, going through each one.  I’ll generally run those assessment panels; I don't judge, I don't score, don't make any decisions, but normally the first area that we always focus on when we’re asking the panel about the review over is, is this business innovate or different?  What makes them stand out from other like- minded businesses? It’s the first area that we score the businesses on, innovation; and what makes a business different, really just getting across what makes you different. Practically every business that applies to Scottish Edge will have something else out there that’s doing something similar. So it's going to be aware of your market, it's good to be aware of who else is out there doing something similar; but what you want to get across to the panel is, what makes you stand out; what's your Unique Selling Point?  

There’s often a fear around the word ‘innovation’; when we speak to some businesses, they feel as though it’s about technology, they feel it's about groundbreaking science; and for us at Scottish Edge, it’s not. We're just looking for you to demonstrate that you have got something that makes you stand out;  what's your key differentiator? What's the thing that will make you more appealing to customers than anything else that's out there doing something to what you are?


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