E73 - Make the iPhone black again

GREG: I was just about to go "Oh my god, Skype", but it was actually Audio Hijack for a change.

NATHAN: Audio Hijack, not Audacity? I'm confused, who am I talking to?

GREG: [LAUGHS] He's definitely not French Greg. We established that last episode, and I'm not going there again.


NATHAN: But everything is fine now, right?

GREG: Everything is fine. I was randomly trying to watch the Joe Rogan episode with MKBHD, which is live now. They were doing loads of camera comparisons, and he was trying to explain to Joe Rogan why it matters. It's just crazy, isn't it? But to be fair, they've done quite a couple of episodes with that guy from Unbox Therapy, I forget what his name-Lou? 

NATHAN: Lou Something, yeah.

GREG: Which were actually really interesting because... let's get away from his videos and stuff like that - they were a fair few years ago though, to be fair - and he's actually quite an interesting guy and has in-depth interests. I'm excited to listen to three hours of MKBHD and actually find out who the guy is behind the videos, but so far it seems like the guy behind the videos is the guy in the videos. 

NATHAN: (UNCLEAR) friend to Marquez himself? 

GREG: Yes. 

NATHAN: Well, it doesn't surprise me; he seems like this straightforward guy who doesn't like have this YouTube persona that he puts on just for the video that he does. I think this is straight-forward; the guy that you have, you see what you get. Whereas there are other Youtubers where they have so much personas. You know what, the thing that makes me respect Marquez the most is that I think he's the Youtuber who has the least clickbait; whether it's in the headlines of the videos themselves, or in the thumbnails. It's like a disease now in Youtube; you see all kinds of videos and "The Reason Why The iPhone Blah Blah", and you see somebody face-palming or doing some disgusting face. It's like, "Oh man, what have we become?" It's this modern visual way of clickbaiting people.

GREG: It kind of touches on what we were talking about Bloomberg last week, doesn't it? Any time you're selling something - especially with YouTube - there's a real competition to get people to watch your videos, isn't it? I can't really think of any other Youtubers off the top of my head, so unfortunately Unbox Therapy's gonna get it; but that guy posts several videos with his head in his hands. Like, "The iPhone Has A Major Problem" or "This Phone Is/We Compare Them Together" with his head in his hands. It's purely for entertainment value, isn't it? I can't think of anybody else off to my head; you already mentioned his name, so he's kind of on the tip of my tongue, but... everybody does it, and I think you're right. There's a there's a UK Youtuber called SuperSaf TV - and we'll get into camera comparisons in a minute, because it's one of my mini-rants that I have going on this week - but his whole thing is about, he was"Unboxing the iPhone 10 Three Weeks Early!"when it was that dummy thing; it's real clickbait stuff, but he doesn't have to do that. The rest of his videos are really good camera comparisons, phone reviews and stuff like that. He's a really honest down-to-earth guy; like I said, I've met him at the Apple Store a couple of times and he's a cool dude. He's really chill, but it kinda seems like it comes with territory. I'm really interested to listen to him for a two or three-hour podcast with Joe; he was one of my podcasts of choice, to delve underneath the technology persona and see what makes people tick. Because let's be honest, the Elon Musk episode was pretty exciting. 

NATHAN: I have no idea which podcast you're talking about, but it seems like interesting; you need to send me the link to it. 

GREG: What, you're telling me you've never listened to the Joe Rogan Experience. 

NATHAN: I know who is Joe Rogan; the guy who got Elon Musk smoke pot. 

GREG: That's the guy. 

NATHAN: All right, now I know what you're talking about. 

GREG: He gets a lot of stick because he's a stand-up, and some of the stuff he says is just what we would call in the UK, banter. It's just talking (UNCLEAR) basically to people, just to get a reaction to make a joke or whatever; but he's super-intelligent and seems to delve underneath people and they kind of go off on tangents to talk about things that you never would expect them to talk about. I'm really excited, because I have a five-hour drive ahead of me in the morning, so I'm really looking forward to listening to that.

NATHAN: Five-hour drive? Where are you driving to?

GREG: Wales; and if you've ever been to Wales it's a very relaxed place, should we say. Certainly if you go to the middle of Wales, it takes you forever to get anywhere; so I'm just going to take my time, just have a nice relaxing drive. I'm going to a beautiful place called Aberystwyth, so it's going to take me most of the day to drive there. So it's all good; I just need to have plenty of podcasts in the bag. And we're recording ridiculously early in the week, because I think I said last week I was going for surgery. Depending on when you're listening to this, I'm either pre-surgery or post-surgery; it's like Tuesday, so it's two days after we released the episode. Is it Tuesday today? I forget?

NATHAN: It is Tuesday today; you're having surgery towards the weekend, right?

GREG: Friday, yeah.

NATHAN: I was thinking about it before we started recording; I've been in the OR two times, but I was never actually cut by a knife. One time was something about- is it called wisdom teeth?

GREG: Yes. I don't know why they're called wisdom teeth; I presume just that you become older and you're supposed to be more wise, I don't really know.

NATHAN: For some people it doesn't help at all?

GREG: No! 

NATHAN: So I needed to remove two of my wisdom teeth, which were catastrophically growing into my jaw; and there was another time when I had kidney stones, so I needed to- (UNCLEAR)

GREG: Ooh, painful. 

NATHAN: But they don't cut you; it's with these vibrations or something cool.

GREG: I think they do a lot of it with electrolysis, don't they? Just little waves to break them up, so you can - for want of a better word - pass them?

NATHAN: Yeah, to pass them; it's painful to pass them, and during one of the - I think the first time - the anesthesia wore off and I just woke up. It's not painful, but it's a very unpleasant feeling; then the doctor saw that I'm waking up, and he's just like, "Hey, what are you doing? Go back to sleep!". So I was never cut by a knife, and I really hope everything goes well. 

GREG: It will do, I'm sure; I've Googled wisdom teeth and I really wish I hadn't, because there's lots of pictures of wisdom teeth that aren't growing very well. But apparently you don't need them; they were believed to be from our ancestors to grind plant tissue. I'm closing that page straightway.

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