Antonio Garcia Martinez - "Chaos Monkeys: Obscene Fortune and Random Failure in Silicon Valley"

After an enlightening chat with some PR managers about property targeting and GDPR (GYP shoutout!), this was worth a revisit. The Facebook characterisation's pretty uneven - one minute tyrannically prophetic, the next shrugging its way through a billion-dollar revenue strategy - but it’s entertaining precisely for the shift between slagging off former employnemies, to reflecting on how even the world’s biggest advertisers still haven’t come to terms with digital. Given the impact their recent troubles have had on tech as a whole, it seems the misunderstanding over data gathering’s here to stay.

“Ad Majorem Facebook Gloriam.”
“Crthatge must be destroyed!” lol @ Google+.
“Always show enough skin to get a second date. If in doubt, show more.”

The author’s blog’s also good for context, even is it does seem to confirm his a-holeness.