The Educators - "Sir Ken Robinson"

For someone famous for his ability to make a big impact in 20 minutes or less, Ken's a far better long-form interviewee subject than he has any right to be. Credit goes to Sarah Montague; there's no jargon, just recollections of his childhood and how society’s treatment of kids in that era shaped his views on education, which is always worthy. If only the BBC had recognised her talent better.

4:25 - “It's becoming like the Eurovision Song Contest of Education, and we all know what the Eurovision Song Contest has done for popular music.”
19:05: “Truthfully, they asked me on the right day. It was the 3rd of January in the Midlands; it was raining. They said “Would you like to come in live in California?” We left immediately.”
22:10: “‘So every child should have as many dance lessons as they have maths lessons? ‘Yes, absolutely.’ ’You don't dance necessarily that frequently.’ ‘No, but you live in your body all day long.’"26:10: “Creative development in any discipline is a kind of conversation between your ambition and your ability.”

Link here.

Extra - Couldn’t find much on the Margaret Bevan school mentioned at 6:30 beyond this article and post, but it seems light years ahead of its time. And she was the first lady mayor of Liverpool?!