Our next speaker spent 39 years working 3-00:00:38,489 in the police, mostly as a detective. In 4-00:00:41,710 2005 together with Karyn McCluskey, they 5-00:00:43,840 established the Violence Reduction Unit, 6-00:00:45,820 and this gentleman has been speaking 7-00:00:49,210 about primary prevention and ACEs for 12 8-00:00:51,520 years. This morning he told me that he 9-00:00:54,250 feels that there is a sense of change in 10-00:00:57,699 the air, so let's find out why he thinks 11-00:01:00,250 that today.

Ladies and gentlemen. John 12-00:01:16,930 Carnochan.

JOHN: Morning! [TAKES PHOTO] You see, sometimes it's 13-00:01:18,759 really lonely talking about this, and you 14-00:01:20,200 think there's nobody else interested; 15-00:01:23,410 nobody else is connected. There's thousands of us, so there's no 16-00:01:26,200 excuse after today. I've only got 20 17-00:01:30,369 minutes so you need to tune in. If I talk 18-00:01:34,720 too quick, I'll try and slow down. Welcome to Glasgow, one 19-00:01:42,220 of the safest cities in the world. that 20-00:01:43,750 was Karyn and the Education Department 21-00:01:47,050 that did that, nothing to do with me.

I'm 22-00:01:48,399 going to start off with a question this 23-00:01:49,720 morning, I hope you don't mind. [UNCLEAR] 24-00:01:56,349It's a multiple choice question and 25-00:01:57,640 there's only two choices, 26-00:02:01,360 so come on. I want you to put your 27-00:02:04,300 hand up if you're not a son or a 28-00:02:08,949 daughter. Cool! You know, I've been 29-00:02:11,140 speaking to audiences about ACEs - and a 30-00:02:12,430 range of other things as well, because 31-00:02:14,800 violence is my thing - all over the 32-00:02:16,780 Place, and it turns out I'm always 33-00:02:21,190 speaking to humans. Always; but it seems 34-00:02:23,709 that the people who come in the door are 35-00:02:26,770 social workers and doctors and dentists 36-00:02:28,930 and nurses and cops and stuff, and they 37-00:02:30,430 actually leave all that other stuff 38-00:02:32,590 outside; so I'm going to speak a wee bit 39-00:02:34,569 about that. So here's what I'm going to do.

40-00:02:37,239 I'm not a teacher; I'm not a social 41-00:02:37,870 worker; 42-00:02:39,549 I'm not a civil servant; I'm not an 43-00:02:41,450 academic, that'll become apparent to you as 44-00:02:47,300 this goes on. I'm human, I'm disruptive, and I'm 45-00:02:50,120 a grandfather. Never underestimate 46-00:02:58,310 grandfathers! You see what seems to have 47-00:03:00,230 happened over the years - and Pauline 48-00:03:02,780 spoke a bit about it there - is we've become 49-00:03:04,880 in the thrall of systems; particularly 50-00:03:07,099 business models, where the only value 51-00:03:12,470 frame is money, and so we tend just to 52-00:03:14,450 think about the systems. This morning, for 53-00:03:16,310 instance, at the start of the 54-00:03:17,870 day there was a perfect system in place 55-00:03:19,190 to have you all fit in here at the right 56-00:03:23,390 time. But we had two thousand humans 57-00:03:26,900 involved, and so it gets messy; and we 58-00:03:29,510 need to be comfortable with that. Systems 59-00:03:31,700 don't like things that don't actually 60-00:03:35,599 conform. ACEs, for instance; systems 61-00:03:37,370 will start to speak of ACEs as a 62-00:03:39,739 score, and it will become a matrix which 63-00:03:41,540 will dictate where the threshold is for 64-00:03:51,590 services. You need to rein against that. The [UNCLEAR] 'score' is there. [APPLAUSE] We've only got twenty 65-00:03:52,760 minutes, don't waste any time on that 66-00:03:57,500 stuff.

We need to understand that that's 67-00:03:59,569 really important; it's really important 68-00:04:02,150 that we understand what these are. ACEs are 69-00:04:04,700 so we can discuss trauma, that's what they're about. 70-00:04:07,519 It's so that we can make children's life 71-00:04:10,670 better today than they are yesterday, and 72-00:04:12,980 better for tomorrow, so that's important; 73-00:04:16,039 but we're into that system stuff, that's 74-00:04:18,019 what we do. You see, the thing is - and 75-00:04:20,238 it was Suzanne's [UNCLEAR] 'edict' that told me about 76-00:04:22,130 this, and others as well - we're born 77-00:04:24,710 connected and we stay connected. No mum 78-00:04:26,630 ever lifts her newborn baby and says "I'm 79-00:04:29,240 going to meet your life hell." Nobody. They 80-00:04:31,340 don't, but sometimes love's not just 81-00:04:32,840 enough; there's other things impact around 82-00:04:34,160 us that we need to take an account of, 83-00:04:36,919 that context. When I go to Polmont 84-00:04:39,050 Prison, the young guys who are there; if 85-00:04:40,430 you ask them what they want for their 86-00:04:42,110 children - and most of the young men are 87-00:04:44,060 there are fathers - they don't want the 88-00:04:46,360 same for their children as themselves, 89-00:04:51,020 and yet that seems to elude us and we 90-00:04:53,330 forget about that.

Because this idea that 91-00:04:55,449 we're born connected, 92-00:04:58,340 it's biological; we're working against it 93-00:05:01,180 otherwise. I mean, when you watch 94-00:05:06,289 long-lost families; [UNCLEAR] 'I mean, I'm' a big 95-00:05:07,940 detective from Glasgow investigating 96-00:05:09,590 murders, weeping like a child in front of 97-00:05:12,830 this thing. How does that happen? When Andy 98-00:05:16,819 Murray loses at Wimbledon and he's crying, [UNCLEAR], and I 99-00:05:20,419 think, "He's getting paid £750000 100-00:05:23,629 pounds for coming second. I don't even 101-00:05:27,289 like tennis, why am I crying?" Because 102-00:05:29,210 we're born connected, we can't help 103-00:05:31,159 ourselves. My wife for instance, Anita; 104-00:05:34,400 we've been married for 44 years - 105-00:05:35,990 to each other for 44 years. 106-00:05:37,430 No, don't, you'll only 107-00:05:41,030 encourage her - she's got a particular 108-00:05:44,150 affinity for George Clooney. I don't know 109-00:05:46,099 how that happens. We even drink his 110-00:05:49,610 coffee, which is not that fabulous, I have 111-00:05:53,810 to tell you.