Bolt Learning
How Bolt Learning Can Work For You

00:00:05,190At Bolt, we believe that people are a 00:00:07,259 company's biggest asset. The knowledge 00:00:09,000 skills and motivation of your employees 00:00:11,638 are the absolute key to driving 00:00:13,080 performance and growth. The most 00:00:14,699 effective learning and development 00:00:16,579 happens when a learner is actively 00:00:19,559 engaged, and involved in practical 00:00:22,009 absorbing activities; training shouldn't 00:00:24,118 just be a transfer of passive facts.

Frustrated with the existing learning 00:00:29,460 platforms and content available, we got 00:00:32,488 together a team of learning geeks, tech 00:00:34,980 gurus, graphic fanatics and customer 00:00:36,808 focused experts to build a smarter 00:00:39,419 learning solution which actually 00:00:41,218 delivers results. At Bolt we combine the 00:00:42,870 power of a next-generation learning 00:00:45,450 platform, with high-impact learning 00:00:48,509 content and powerful trainee analytics. 00:00:50,489 We've developed innovative solutions which 00:00:53,189 are people-centred and technology- 00:00:55,198 driven.

Our award-winning learning 00:00:57,659 platform is cloud-based and mobile 00:01:00,269 responsive. It offers next-generation 00:01:03,209 features, including:

  1. An inbuilt 00:01:06,060 translation system;
  2. Intuitive compliance 00:01:09,260 management system;
  3. In-module help and 00:01:11,219 feedback;
  4. User verification options and 00:01:13,710 gamification suite.

It also offers powerful trainee and 00:01:17,609 performance analytics. People often 00:01:19,019 deliver training with absolutely no way 00:01:21,989 of measuring what has actually been 00:01:24,509 learned; we designed our LMS with an 00:01:26,938 impressive analytics tool to build a 00:01:29,280 clear picture of an individual team or 00:01:31,709 an entire organisation's performance, and 00:01:33,840 to measure the business impact of that 00:01:36,629 learning. We combined our next-generation 00:01:38,009 LMS and analytics with high-impact 00:01:40,709 e-learning modules, 00:01:42,329 interactive videos and assessments.

Our 00:01:44,849 learning designers are pioneering 00:01:47,368 innovative ways to deliver effective 00:01:49,379 online training such as gamification, 00:01:52,438 virtual reality and immersive learning 00:01:55,379 journeys; all with modern educational 00:01:57,298 theory at its foundation. In our relatively 00:01:58,890 short life, we're already lucky enough to be 00:02:01,049 working with clients spanning a number 00:02:02,968 of industries. Our learning solutions 00:02:04,979 have:

  1. Transformed our clients induction 00:02:07,098 and onboarding;
  2. Driven up sales 00:02:10,469 capability;
  3. Improved leadership 00:02:12,969 capabilities;
  4. Addressed field sales team 00:02:15,509 effectiveness;
  5. Revolutionised 00:02:19,689 clients training, and successfully driven 00:02:22,149 customer engagement.

We're here to drive 00:02:26,129 growth in your business, by helping you 00:02:26,129 and your people learn to perform.